Friday, June 1, 2012

I Want to be More of a Cougar

Wait.. not *that* kind of a cougar!  

My son's school's mascot is a Cougar, and today was Cougar Day, basically a field day for the kids.  Lucas acted up at every opportunity: running onto the field during crab soccer, stealing hula hoops from the girls, throwing tantrums when I picked him up... typical two year old stuff. 

Matt seemed to have a lot of fun, but he really sucked at crab soccer!  Probably because he was actually doing the crab walk with a few other stragglers, while the rest of the class just scooted on their behinds, giving their mothers grass stains to deal with, I'm sure.  He did really great in the obstacle course, and loved the tug of war.  I'm glad I got to see it, and I'm sorry that I don't have any pictures.  The batteries died in my crappy camera.  AGAIN.  I've changed the batteries twice already this week, and I'm just about fed up.  If anyone knows of a blogger doing a camera giveaway, please, PLEASE let me know! 

While we were there I saw Samantha's mom.  Samantha is the (only) little girl that came to the boys' birthday party at BounceU.  We talked for a bit.  At yesterday's graduation there was a slide show, and one of the pictures was Matthew and Samantha in a little play house, peeking out the door together.  Too freakin' cute!  So we talked about that.  And some other random, insignificant stuff.  And all the while I'm thinking, how can I be friends with you?  She just seemed to be talking to everyone and I felt like such an outsider. 

In the beginning of the school year I signed up for the PTA.  I missed the very first (out of only 3!) meetings because that's the night I had to rush Lucas to the hospital.  Thanks to my work schedule, I missed the following two meetings as well.  And also thanks to my work schedule, and having Lucas around, I was never able to volunteer during any events.  So basically, I don't know anyone involved with the PTA.  I didn't make any mom friends this year at all.

There were some really cool looking moms there.  One in particular had long hot pink hair, wore her Cougar Day 2012 shirt off the shoulder, and her son's hair was cut in the coolest mohawk I've ever seen.  I want to be friends with her!  Then there was the class mom ( I guess) who seemed to know all kinds of things about Matthew and was really really sweet.  I'd be friends with her, too! 

So what's the problem?  I used to be really outgoing, never had a problem making friends.  Now I barely have any.  We've lived here for four years, so my "we're new" excuse is waaay expired.

The problem is... I'm really embarrassed by how poor we are.  That's it, people, that's why I don't pipe up like I normally would have. 

  • Our apartment is kind of small.  And the furniture doesn't really match.  And there's stuff and clutter all over the place.  Seriously, who has a deep freezer and an empty grandfather clock cabinet in their dining room?  So there isn't much space for playdates.
  • I live in the projects.  Not really, but apparently they used to be, because when I tell people where we live they always say "Oooohhhh, in the projects!  I know where you're talking about."
  • We don't have a car.  "Why don't you meet up with us at (where ever)?  It would be fun!"  "Sounds awesome!  Think there's enough room for me and two extra boosters in your car with you and your kids and your boosters?"  Or, perhaps, "Do you know if there's a bus stop near there?"
  So when I gave Samantha's mom the free passes for BounceU that I've been saving for her since the party, and she suggested we take the kids there all together, I had a mini panic attack in my head.  Yes, that sounds like it would be so much fun, but how the hell would I get there?  I told her I'd Facebook her about it. 

At least now I have a new Facebook friend.

And maybe it's not so bad as I'm making it out to be.  There are places we could meet that I could easily walk to, including the pool and the Crayola Factory (where we haven't been yet).  Maybe I just need to be more creative.  And since Eric started his job and I don't work the weekdays anymore maybe next year I *will* be able to participate more in the PTA.  I *will* be free to volunteer for evening events.  I *will* get to know all the cool moms there, and hopefully the chick with the hot pink hair.