Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers' Day!

There are so many different mothers out there. There are so many choices we make. Thre's alot of pressure out there for us to do everything "right" and be supermoms. There are laid back moms and helicopter moms and moms in between. Breastfeeding vs. formula, vaccinations or no vaccinations...or vaxxing on a delayed schedule. To circ or not to circ, work or stay at home. The right daycare, the right preschool. These are some of the big decisions we make whe our kis are young and they are followed by MILLIONS more!
And you know what? By the time our kids are grown it won't matter who did what when our babies were still baies. Mothering does't support instant gratification... it is the end result that matters most. Are you giving your kids all the love you have? Are you doing your best? Then how could anyone accuse you of being a bad mom?
To all of the beautiful women in this world loving their children. To all of you who've given up their babies with a hope at a better life. To all of you who have adopted those babies. To all of you who may not have children yet, but are trying. To all of you who watch out for the little ones in your neighborhood. To all of you who offer kids a safe place to talk, comfort, an security. All of you with a mother's heart... Happy Mothers' Day!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Score One for the Good Guys

Ding dong the witch is dead!!
Congratulations to our brave troops for finally finding and killing the man who orchestrated the worst attack on US soil since Pearl Harbor.
There will be repercussions, but for now we can take a collective sigh of satisfaction. Justice has been served. Thank our troop and remember the lost.
I don't know enough about politics to conjecture about he future, or even offer opinions on other peoples' conjectures so I won't bother and make myself look ignorant. I just couldn't NOT mention this today.