Blog Love

I love finding new blogs to read, and I assume that you do, too. My favorite blogs are just about life and family. I really don't follow blogs that only focus on reviews/giveaways. So none of the blogs here are *only* about posting that stuff. I hope you'll explore and enjoy them as much as I do.
Check back often for new blogs!


  1. Nicole - great blog! Thanks for visiting me today!

  2. Hi there, found you on Purebloggers. I totally agree with you about so-called family blogs being all about reviews and giveaways..! I hate it! And love personal blogs.

  3. Love your page set up!
    I agree with you completely!
    I want to take something away from a blog, something more than a prize, I want to feel like I learned something new or expirenced something from someone else's eyes.
    I love our little blog community!


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