Thursday, April 5, 2012

Science Project: Week 1

I was surprised last week when I opened up Matt's folder and found a science fair packet.  It's voluntary, but every student in the school is encouraged to participate.  I spent some time using to search from some kindergarten friendly projects and found one that I liked.

We are growing 12 Alyssum plants.  Three of them will be watered regularly, three of them will get milk, three will get soda, and three will get orange juice.  Matt has guessed that the plants that get soda will grow the biggest and the plants that get water will grow the least.  *I* am pretty sure that the plants that get water will grow the biggest, and that the ones that get orange juice will grow the least, if they sprout at all.  This isn't my science project though, it's his.  So we will be monitoring growth weekly and I'll be taking pictures.  We planted the seeds in very moist soil on Sunday so we've only needed to "water" them once so far, and they began to sprout yesterday.  The experiment is underway!