Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Six & Two

Both of my boys recently celebrated their birthdays!  Lucas turned two on March 25th and Matt turned six yesterday (April 2nd).  Early in March I started planning their party.  I wanted to do something different.  In the past we've had small parties at our house, but with Matt being in school I knew he'd want to invite some friends from class, so I was looking for something where I wouldn't have to entertain and clean up after everyone.

My first thought was Chuck E. Cheese's.  The problem with there is that I HATE Chuck E. Cheese.  He's creepy.  So I looked online for something to do and found BounceU.  I fell in love with it immediately!  So I made reservations and started planning.  I decided to book the smallest party, for up to 10 children since this was our first time and, to be honest, we couldn't afford a party for more than that.

I invited enough kids for the party, but because of pettiness, spite, and plain ole' not giving a damn, on the day of the party we had my two boys and one girl from Matt's class coming.  Oh, I ranted!  My Facebook status was:

 "You know, my kids are important, too. And today is THEIR birthday party. So if everyone could please put aside their petty bullshit for the sake of THE KIDS it would be greatly appreciated.
Apparently, that's too much to ask for. And apparently, if you can't just send your kid downstairs, or to the next building over, if you have to actually make an ounce of effort to take them somewhere 15 minutes away, then it's too much trouble to be bothered with. THANKS EVERYONE"

Maybe it was a little much.  Maybe it was just enough.  I was in Mama Bear mode and I needed to roar a little.

Luke, Samantha, & Matt
Of course, the kids had a great time at the party anyway!  All of the adults also bounced and everyone had lots of fun.  I am still upset that I ended up paying so much money for so few kids, especially when things are still suffocatingly tight for us right now.  At the time I made the reservations I had certain expectations that weren't satisfied, but it was too late to cancel; Matt was already so excited and you know what, my kids deserve a great birthday and they had one despite all of the adult drama!

I would really love to have their birthday at BounceU again next year.  Hopefully we'll be able to afford a larger party and invite his whole class.  That way even if half the kids can't make it, there will be plenty of them there.  We had such a great time with the three of them that I know more would be a blast! Here are some more photos of the party: enjoy!

One side of the cake had 6 candles for matt, the other had 2 for Luke