Thursday, February 3, 2011

What Goes In Must Come Out

Moms of younglings, question: Why is it people think we are obsessed with poop? Answer: We talk about it all the time! We don't even realize we do it. We are, on a daily basis, up close and personal with our kids' business ends. We know when there's a difference in color, texture, or smell. And it's our job to figure out what causes these changes. So we conjecture aloud to whoever happens to be near.
My husband complains that I'm either comparing our baby's poop to food or I'm talking about it while he's trying to eat (or both at the same time!). I don't even realize it. Half the time I need to change a stinky diaper I'm in the middle of a meal myself. If it grossed me out as much as it did him, I'd definitely be a few pounds lighter.
I have seen shades of green and yellow I never knew existed. I've seen green so unnaturally neon that for days I watched for emerging super powers. I've seen chunks of fruit come out exactly the same way they went in (a sure sign he wasn't quite ready, I think). I have even seen a strand of my own hair that I had to finish pulling out.
Yes, when you're the mother of a child in diapers poop sure does become a bigger part of your life. And talking about it is inevitable.

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  1. welcome to the blog world. this post is so true because my kids are 3 and 2 and im always watching the colors. its gotten better since i only have one needing to potty train though. also welcome back to cafemom.
    i also have a blog that im trying to get back into.


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