Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Library Fines

It's been forever since I've been to the library.  Quite some time, actually.  I wasn't surprised when I was told I had a fine on my account.  Why do you think I've been avoiding the library in the first place!  I've had this fine for, jeez, almost a full year!  I'm surprised they haven't sent it to a debt collector yet.  I hadn't even recieved any neon colored mail with URGENT on the top.
Yes, I kept overdue books and returned them through the drop box to avoid overzealous librarians.  But I promise I had a good reason!  Well, during the 3 weeks I had the books in question, I gave birth to Lucas!  You can understand that I couldn't rush to the library when they were due.  I could've called but... Well, I didn't.  So, I'm thinking all this time that I owe $36 for the 6 books that were over due for over three weeks.  And I really didn't feel like paying almost 40 bucks to the library.  I mean, I go to the library in the first place because it's free!
Well, I've been needing my fix, so I went today and sucked it up and paid my fine.  It wasn't $36.  It wasn't even $20.  It was only $9!  Lucky me!  And now I have no guilt. 
Nine bucks for 6 books?  I'm so glad the library is cheap!