Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Guess Who's Getting a Raise

So the other day I was talking about being considered for a supervisory position at my job.  Saturday morning I talked to my store manager and the overnight manager about it.  They'd already decided who they were going to fill the supervisory position with.. and it wasn't me.

But there were TWO positions that I'd applied for!  The other one is still a full time overnight position and I was still very interested in it.  So I had my meeting with the managers and they gave me some very positive feedback.  I left with a strong feeling that I'd be chosen to fill the position.  So, again, this was on Saturday morning.

This afternoon my store manager called to ask me if I would accept.  He told me that I was the *unanimous* choice to fill the position, but to keep it under wraps for awhile because they still had some interviews to conduct.  He said that he thinks I'll be a great addition to the overnight team and that he thinks I will work very well with the overnight managers.

I cannot describe how excited I am!  I've been working on the bottom rung since I got my first job at 15.  And it's not because I don't work hard.  I definitely do!  Two other times in the past I've been offered or highly encouraged to apply for higher positions, but the timing wasn't right or I wasn't confident enough in myself.  And then life happened... I guess I just didn't realize that those kinds of opportunities would be so few and far between.  I didn't think that at 27 years old I'd still be at the associate level or even working in retail.

And don't get me wrong, I LOVE what I do at Kohl's right now and I'm happy to be working for them.  I think they're a really great company and I love everything about them, from their products and prices to their community involvement!  But let's face it.. I could be 17 and doing the same thing for the same pay.  And that's been weighing on me for awhile now.. the lack of a "real" job.  Something that brings home more than marginally above minimum wage.  Something I can put on a resume that says "Yes, I'm a responsible hard worker, here's proof!"

Now, this position isn't, you know, a GIANT leap forward!  It's more of a hop.. but it's a hop that I am SO excited and grateful to be taking!  I think more than double my hours and more of a pay increase than I was hoping for is plenty to be excited about!  But some of my friends and family don't quite understand the level of excitement I'm feeling.  I guess to some it's because.. well, obviously I was chosen: I'm a hard worker and they love me over there.  And maybe to some it's because it's not like I'm heading into management or anything, jeez calm down! 

But to me, it's just the acknowledgement that I AM good enough, you know?  I needed that.