Friday, June 14, 2013

Moving Up the Ladder?

I mentioned yesterday that I was up for consideration for a supervisory position at Kohls.  And if I didn't mention it yesterday, I should have.

So here are the details..

Our store is one of five total in the company chosen to start a pilot program which I probably can't say anything about.. BUT there are some newly created supervisory positions going along with this pilot.

The good news?  I feel I'm very qualified for at least two positions. 

The bad news?  They're overnight positions!

I talked it over with Eric and he agrees that this isn't something I can pass up, so I applied for both positions I felt I was most qualified for.  I spoke to my Asst Store Manager and he explained a little bit more in detail what would be required, asked about my availability and willingness to supervise, explained the differences in the two positions (not quite a whole lot, but then again, they are new and the roles aren't clearly defined as of yet), and asked if I was still interested.

Hell yes!

Working overnight would be a HUGE challenge and I don't know how well I'd handle it BUT I know I can make it work if I get the job.  We're talking about a substantial increase in hours, a shift differential, and --I'm assuming-- a raise for taking on a supervisory role.  I can definitely live a few months with no sleep (duh, I had two kids!) and after that hopefully I'll be able to find a preschool that won't  take my entire paycheck... or at least get on a waiting list for childcare assistance.

I'll be talking to (the haven't formally said it's an interview) the overnight manager at the asscrack of dawn tomorrow morning.  His shift will just be ending, mine will just be starting, so we'll chat in between.  I kinda know this guy, kinda not.  I mean, I've seen him in passing, worked with him last year for a few days during inventory, but I don't *know him* know him.  And he can say the same for me.  So I hope I'll be able to make a good impression.  I'm sure the rest of my supervisors and managers have already told him what a great worker I am.  No, really... I'm a great worker!

It's about damn time I move up from this minimum wage work!  (For the record, I am making more than minimum wage.. I'm just making a point)  I'm tired of this teenager stuff, and I have NOTHING to put on a resume.  Hopefully that will all change very soon!

Wish me luck everyone, this mama has her hand on the ladder!