Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I'm already falling behind on posting.. I don't mean to, but I feel pulled in so many different directions.  I have the blog, promoting my husband's new business, Obssessities, I own a group on Cafemom and admin for two others and trying to keep them active takes a bunch of time.. plus, you know, it's SUMMER!  The weather is gorgeous and we're spending a lot of time outside so.. that cuts my day in half also.

So I apologize.

On another note, I took the boys to the Dr today.  I got some phone numbers for taking Matthew to a psychiatrist for a.. maybe ADHD diagnoses and got the Dr to tell me which ones would be more med-free friendly if it came down to it.  Lucas is definitely knock kneed.  When he puts his feet together his knees are in each other's way.  Also, we might start trying some lactate free milk for him, as sometimes he gets a slight bellyache after having breakfast (cereal with milk) or yogurt, or sometimes even ice cream.

Other than that, I have two healthy boys who are begging to get back outside!