Thursday, February 7, 2013

Avengers Bedroom

Well our tax returns came this week!  We paid off some bills and got all caught up and it's such a relief!  We also ordered the boys bunk beds and bedding, which will be their early birthday present.  It's all Avengers themed, so I'll show everything off here.  I know you don't mind :D

Here are the bunk beds we decided on.  I searched for months trying to decide on a set.  We found this one at  With Lucas climbing on absolutely everything, I really wanted stairs instead of a ladder.  Drawers were a must, but not the kind of drawers that pulled out from the *front* of the stairs.  Why would you do that?  If the drawer was just a tiny bit open and you misplaced your foot you'd be opening the drawer and falling on your behind! 
This model has drawers on the side AND under bed, which means we can get rid of the breaking apart armoire in their room and replace it with a matching bookshelf that we bundled into this set.  I think we're getting a solid deal for the bed at $649!  It's all completely solid wood, too, so it will definitely hold up.  We also bundled in a matching dresser that will go in MY room because our cheap one's drawer bottoms are falling through, and the mattresses.  The ONLY con I can think of is that it cannot eventually be split into two beds, but it's not something we're worried about at this point. 

Since I found the bed, Eric wanted to look for bedding and accessories.  And there are some things I'm not in love with(the curtains!), but I let him do whatever he wanted! 

Matt wanted this set, but he was adamant about Lucas having something different, so..

We got him Spiderman :)
The sheets don't match the comforter, but they are also Spidey.  I think he's really going to like sleeping in a big boy bed with them!

Here are the curtains that... I kind of hate!  They're so purple!  But Lucas loves the Hulk, so whatever.

Eric also found this cool Iron Man clock.  I like the old school look to it, but it doesn't have any numbers! 

Now all we really need to wrap things up are a couple of lamps.  They're excited about all of it :)