Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tree Down, Sick Baby, eWork

I took the tree down yesterday.

We don't always take it down so soon, but yesterday I was cleaning and organizing and taking out trash all freakin day and it just didn't seem like anything was getting done!  I needed something that I could point out to myself to feel accomplished.  So... down came the tree.

Today I've pretty much been ignoring the house and working electronically.  I put up a ton of pictures on my Avon FB and posted the Top Picks for this campaign.  I haven't done either in months and I forgot how long it took to post a new campaign photo album.  Whew!  There's my accomplishment for today, even though it's not something I can show Eric when he gets home and expect him to be excited about.  

It's been nice sitting on the couch with Luke, though.  He woke up in the middle of the night with a fever of 102!  He's been snuggling with me for most of the day, giving me kisses and telling me "I lyuff you."  So adorable! Matt's been busy testing out which surfaces Nerf darts will stick to, riding his scooter in the house, and a little bit of quiet coloring.  We've also been watching new movies.

So basically it's been a slow day.  Eventually I will have to find places for the last of the new toys, vacuum the floor, mop the kitchen, put together the things that need assembling and all that.  I might get around to them today...