Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Crazy People at 3am

My sister-in-law came over last night to hang out.  It's been awhile since she's been off of work and actually had time to, because whenever she's over she usually spends the night.  We had fun looking at things for her wedding, and going through my AVON brochures, which we could both do for hours.  I was telling her about the amazing uses of coconut oil and about my giveaway (isn't it a shame, no one in my family reads my blog.  It's just all you people!).  TJ and Lexi came over and we played a game of Quelf, which, if you haven't played, you should!  Especially if you've had a drink or two.  It's a completely random board game, and sometimes it pushes you out of your comfort zone, so a drink is recommended, but good friends are a must!

We ended up playing until about 1am until TJ and Lexi left.  Then we stayed up a bit more because I had to to tweak my first Avon order and s?"my very first one!  I wanted to make sure it was done correctly).  Finally we all went to bed around 2am.  Now, you should know by now that we only have a small apartment, so when Nicole stays over, she sleeps on the couch.  A little after 3am she comes in our room and wakes us up because someone was knocking on our door!  We never would've heard it, they were knocking so softly, but Nicole sure did.  I got up and peeked out of the peephole and saw that it was a chick, much shorter than I am, so I didn't feel the need to drag Eric out of bed (would definitely have made him put some clothes on if it turned out to be a guy).  I opened the door a crack and there's this lady with an armful of shoes, like... seriously a TON of shoes.  I don't even know how she knocked because she was carrying so many shoes.

"Is this Daisy's house?"

"NO this isn't DAISY'S house!!!"

(LOL as I'm typing this up, Daisy herself is walking by the window.  I may need to have a chat with her about her middle of the night crazy ass guests.)

The lady apologized, and really seemed to mean it.  As I closed the door I heard her drop a bunch of the shoes.  I went back to bed, mumbling about crazy bitches and shoes.

In the morning, Nicole told me that she knocked a second time later in the night (later in the morning?)!  She just yelled "It's the wrong door!" and the lady apologized again.

So.. the thing is, Daisy moved.  She used to live in the corner of our building in the basement.  In the *corner*.  We live in the basement also, but in the exact middle door.  Now that she's moved, she's still in the corner, but of a completely different building.  WHY, if you're having guests over in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, wouldn't you make absolutely certain they knew where you lived?!

And, hate to admit it, but since we're on the basement level we keep a bunch of outside toys under the stairs by our door.  I mean, bikes, wagons, a couple of sand toys.  Most people don't have nearly as much junk outside their door, so the second time around, don't you think she would have realized it?  UGH!  Crazy bitch.

So, yeah, that was my night.

Right now though, I am super excited to be getting my first Avon order.  From what I understand it will ship tomorrow and get here before the weekend.  Hurrah!  I had less orders than I wanted, but at the same time, a LOT more than I realistically expected.