Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Graduation Gift: $5 Amazon GC Giveaway

Summer summer summertime!  (summertime)  Time to kick back and rewind...

Today Matthew is having his "Moving Up" ceremony (from kindergarten), so to celebrate I'm giving one of YOU a $5 Amazon gift card!

First, let me tell  you how I'm able to do this.  This isn't a sponsored giveaway.  A while ago I signed up for  I've signed up for a lot of things over the years, but Swagbucks is definitely the most rewarding.  If you download their toolbar you'll get one Swag buck each day.  And if you use their search engine (conveniently included in the toolbar) you'll randomly earn Swag bucks for searching.  It's the easiest and least annoying way to earn points on the web.  There are other things you can do daily to earn extra SB, like taking their daily poll or viewing what they call NOSOs.  I actually like their NOSOs (No Obligation Special Offers) because I occasionally see something that's worth signing up for.  And the "no obligation" means I don't have to pay or use a credit card to sign up.  There are other special offers as well.  We earned 1,000 SB when we signed up for Netflix, and more recently 450 when I signed up and ordered from  Just using their search box is how I earn most of my SB though.

A $5 Amazon gift card is only 450 SB, and that's what I've used all of my SB towards to date.  Swagbucks has been feeding my Kindle habit!  I just downloaded 50 Shades of Grey using gift cards I earned with them.  I have another, and I'm passing it on to one of you!

It's not much, but stick around because there will definitely be one more giveaway in the very near future.   Good luck! 

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  1. We are going on a family vacation to Florida in August!
    family74014 at gmail dot com

    1. That sounds awesome! My parents live in FL so we'll be going down this summer, too. My mom even offered to keep Matt for two whole weeks after I have to come home for work.

  2. Hoping to get home to FL this summer too!! LOL We miss it there so much. Mostly we'll be spending time getting ready for our 1st year of homeschool! We are all super excited about it.

  3. My son is grown and lives out of state, so I am excited to be visiting him soon!

  4. We plan to go to the beach!
    gagaslab at gmail dot com

  5. We just spend all kinds of time outside, doing family stuff!
    Thanks for the giveaway :)


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