Monday, October 3, 2011

Things I Missed This Weekend

Although I consider myself a SAHM I do, in fact, work on Sundays buying gold at a kiosk in the mall. Hey, it pays for diapers! And instead of just Sunday, I worked Saturday as well this week. That is if you would call sitting around playing on my laptop for 11 hours straight (Saturday) or reading my Kindle for 7 hours (Sunday) work.

I didn’t see Matthew on Saturday at all. He was tuckered out from a full week at school and slept in and was already in bed by the time I got home. I would never want that to be my every day!
The boys had a great day without me. On Friday Matt brought home a scarecrow pattern to decorate. It’s due on Wednesday and I was really looking forward to making it with him. It was done when I got home on Saturday night. He and Daddy had a great time making it! It’s so cute, they cut up some of Lucas’s old clothes and glued some beads and made straw out of paper…I think it looks great
<-----    (even though the picture sucks so bad)!
I also came home to this: (picture to come... I realized it looks WAY better in the dark)
Another thing I was really looking forward to making! Family Fun Magazine had this as a craft this month; it’s called Spectral Eyes. In the magazine they painted their boxes with dark blue paint. We opted for the less messy version: we (they)wrapped them in black wrapping paper. The facial features are cut out of the boxes and tissue paper covers the holes. Family Fun used all yellow, but we (they) added some red and blue. See Batman in the middle? Totally Dad’s idea! The back of our boxes (bottom of Family Fun’s) are left open to tuck in a string of lights and voila! A cute/spooky window decoration! Such a simple and yet genius idea.  Click the link above for the "official" instructions.
Family Fun's

To be honest, I’m a little bit bummed that I missed out on doing these with the boys. I was really looking forward to them, especially the Spectral Eyes. If I had been here, you can bet there’d be WAY more boxes involved! I’ve been saving boxes all week, and only half of them got used. And I would have taken pictures during the process and posted them here for you guys. And it just seemed like it would be fun to do! As bummed as I am though, I am equally (possibly even more) thrilled that Eric was able to do this with our boys. Sometimes Dad gets left on the bench while we go do our thing. He never complains about it, but I know he wants to create memories with them just as much as I do. So really, it’s better he was home and I wasn’t. They all had a great day.
And when I got home… the house was spotless! I love my guy!


  1. That is a bummer that you missed out on those moments with your boys, but like you said, at least Daddy got in on the action. :o) There will be many more projects you can do together!

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    Sorry you missed out on making the projects with your kids. They turned out great. Looks fun, too. least they left you some boxes...

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