Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Meals & Hedgehogs

Last night was McFamily Night!  I guess there are two or three of them per year.  The PTA sponsors a dinner out at our local McDonald's.  Volunteers help out behind the counter, there are balloons everywhere, and 20% of the night's orders go to our PTA.  Last year they raised more than $800!

So since Matt has been doing his chores and being good at school (no more notes home from the teacher about keeping his hands to himself), we went.  It was raining but I just bought a new umbrella so Matt and I decided to walk and bring back dinner for everyone. 

We saw a bunch of PTA officers, but I didn't really talk to them since I haven't actually met any of them yet, despite being a card holding (yeah, got my paper PTA card lol!) member.  Apparently our school only has 3 general PTA meetings per year.  I have an issue with that.  But we also saw two of Matt's new friends from school: Samantha and Gage.  He was pretty amazed to see them there, outside of school. 

On the walk home we saw two deer crossing the street and bounding up a hill heading toward the river.  They ran right in front of us, it was pretty neat. 
I didn't have my camera with me, so these aren't the *actual* deer we saw.

And then, at a part of our walk where Matt usually climbs up on some rocks (but I wouldn't let him because they were slippery), he saw a little critter peeking its face out.  It was a hedgehog!  So cute!  Usualy I'm the one pointing stuff out, but I walked right past that little guy.  Matt spotted him, thought it was a groundhog.  I swear I see more animals with this kid that with anyone else! 
This guy isn't the one we saw either.


  1. Thanks for putting my button on your blog. I did the same for you.
    I am following you on GFC.
    Pam from MBS

  2. awwww! I love little animals like that! Those deer are so pretty and graceful! I don't believe I've ever seen a wild hedgehog, but it sure is adorable!


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