Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Box Top Contest

My son came home with a flyer from the PTA yesterday.  It said "We're Batty for Box Tops!!  Go batty in a race between classes!  The class that brings in the most Box Tops will win a Philly Pretzel Factory Party"  (Wow, I'm really stupid.  Reading this again I see that it's a party... and I've been telling everyone they win a trip to the Pretzel Factory... sheesh!)  This flyer came attached to a sheet that showed 10 bats hanging from a tree and a box beneath each to tape your box tops to.


I've been waiting for just such a thing!   We've been collecting since last year, plus my mom, mil, and sil have been collecting for us.  So I taped the first 10 to the sheet and sent it back to the teacher with a note:
Dear Mrs B.
Can I send the rest of our Box Tops in a plastic baggy, or do they need to be taped to the sheets.  If so, that's fine, please send Matthew home with 27.

Matt came home today with 27 of these "bat sheets" in his folder.  I used up an entire (brand new) roll of tape taping 270 Box Tops to bats.

Was that necessary???

His class better win!

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