Sunday, September 25, 2011

Farmers' Market & Other Adventures

I didn't get a chance to do all this Sunday.  I was meaning to, but...first I got busy and since then I’ve been having connectivity issues. 

Anyway, we had a pretty busy day on Saturday.  We hadn't been to the farmers' market in almost a month.  It had been either too hot or we were doing other things.  So since it was so cool, and since we had nothing else to do, the boys and I walked over to the Easton Farmers' Market.   I LOVE the EFM.  It's the longest running outdoor farmers' market in the country!  They always have live music, a kid tent where there is usually a free craft to do (although donations are very welcome and greatly appreciated), and of course, TONS of food!  They're also very dog friendly.  Most of the vendors have bowls of water on the ground for thirsty dogs, and one vendor specializes in just all natural puppy treats.    All in all, it's a really friendly and fun place to be. 
I was a little upset that we missed the tomato festival, which was last Saturday, but as it turned out, I think we ended up having more fun.  We watched students from a local music school perform their pieces, singing and playing piano.  Matthew made a pendant at the craft table.  Then we saw Tip, the Crayola Factory's mascot!  The Crayola Factory was hosting a free event for Constitution Day.  So we went over there to see what was going on.  There were coloring pages and free boxes of crayons for all the kids.  While we were there we got to meet the Mayor of Easton!  He talked about how kids could be good citizens and then went around talking to the kids.  Matthew showed him his muscle lol.  Lucas got tired of that pretty quickly so we couldn't stay long.  I strapped him back into the stroller and we went to find something else to do. 
Lucas & Tip

Something else turned out to be the Riverside Festival for the Arts.

We walked down there to check out all the local artists and their exhibits.  Mosaics, paintings, photography, wood carvings, and so much more were displayed and for sale.  The Crayola Factory had a tent there as well.  A "test lab" for their sidewalk chalk, stampers, and markers.  Basically just something fun to do for the kids.  The man in the tent next to them makes these really cool... garden ornaments, I guess you would call them, out of wire and glass balls.  Well, he also had cool stuff for the kids to do, involving pipe cleaners and beads.  He helped Matt make a dragon.
Pipe cleaner dragon

I think it turned out pretty well.  While Matt was working on that the Lafayette Leopard was making his rounds and stopped to give Lucas a high five.  The little one is popular with people in huge costumes... you should have seen him with the Easter Bunnies we saw last spring!
After we finished looking at all the great art we headed to the new playground they built along the river.  We stayed there until all of our bellies were growling before we started the walk home.  We squeezed all that fun into less than 2 hours!  So it was time to go home, eat, and in Lucas' case, take a NAP!  Matt ended up staying outside to play with his friends in the courtyard.  He was pretty beat by dinner time, and they both ended up going to bed early.  I wish I could keep that busy every day!

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