Sunday, March 17, 2013

We're Going on Vacation!

Well, our summer plans are officially set!

Last year, Matt, Luke, and I went down to FL to visit my family, do Disney, and have fun!  Matt stayed an extra two weeks with my parents and brothers. 

Well, this year he's staying even longer!  My mom is going to fly up here in early July to pick him up, and fly back down.  He'll stay with them all month, including going on vacation to North Carolina to do some fun things.  Then at the end of the month, Luke, Eric and I will fly down!  Eric can only stay for a few days, because he'll be pretty busy at work and doesn't want to miss too many days, but we'll stay in Orlando and do Disney again.  Eric's never been, and he's pretty excited about it :D

The boys and I will stay until the end of the week before we all come home.  Hopefully during that time I'll be able to catch up with some other family that I've been missing: my aunt, cousin, and grandparents, other aunt, and uncle. 

Mainly I'm just excited to see my mom.  She's like my best friend! 

It's going to be tougher this year having Matt gone for so long.  I can't think of a single logical reason NOT to let him stay down there knowing that he's in the best of hands and how much fun he'll have.  Lucas will really feel his absence though!  I hope he won't be too upset.

On a side note, spring is coming!  Once we start doing fun outside things again, and I start taking more pictures, I'll probably be blogging more often.

No promises though.  :)

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