Friday, September 21, 2012

Avon Suede Nail Enamel

Yesterday I got my Avon order and it included two shades of Avon's Suede Nail Enamel.  It comes in six Fall perfect shades and I chose Touch of Taupe and Sumptuous Rose.

It's also available in Fuschia Feel, Soft Violet, Blue Royale, and Platinum Beauty.  The model on the page here is wearing Soft Violet and Platinum Beauty.

It's recommended you wear this polish *without* a base or top coat, and I have to agree.  Unlike most nail polish, this dries to a very matte finish and although there is some shimmer to it, it's not glossy at all.  A top coat would ruin that effect.

My first impression when applying it was that it goes on smoothly and the color is very deep and rich.  I don't usually do an accent nail, but I wanted to try both colors, so I painted four nails in Touch of Taupe and saved my ring finger for Sumptuous Rose.  I was really surprised that by the time I opened the second bottle my nails were already dry!  And not in the way that nails are *kind of* dry but a little bit tacky.  I mean completely and totally dry.  Dry enough to stick my hand in my jeans pocket without any smudging whatsoever.  When I applied a second coat, more out of habit than anything else, it did take slightly longer to dry and got that tackiness to it.  In the future I'll know that as long as the first coat is nice an even, a second coat isn't necessary.

All in all, I'm satisfied and impressed!  I only with it came in more colors!

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  1. Hi Nicole! I love your nails in Touch of Taupe. I guess it would also look good on mine, hhehe. Usually dark colored polish make my hands and feet look lighter. I already liked your FB page and will follow you through GFC! By the way, thank you for commenting on my blog. :)

  2. You are very welcome! I loved all the pictures ;)

    I usually stay away from dark nail polish myself, but since I became an Avon Rep I've been trying new things, and it's all been good so far! I think dark nail polish looks best on short nails, so it's good for me, because between being a mom and working it's impossible to keep them long.

  3. I like the sumptuous rose color. Darker, but not super dark. Quick dry is definitely a bonus!

  4. I think I would agree with the above comment. I would prefer the rose color. And I am not that careful, so quick dry would be a huge bonus!

  5. Loving that nail color-- I am so addicted to nail polish especially all the new Fall colors! Like your page!


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