Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Over the Mess

My boys have way too many toys.  I can't keep up with the mess, Matt can't keep up with the mess, and Lucas... well, he just adds to the mess.  Their room is the last place in the house I want to clean.  I thought practical storage solutions (in the form of two Cubeicles) would help.  They do, to an extent, but my boys, especially Lucas, tend to play with EVERYTHING at once.  So even though all of the cars have their own cubby drawer, even though all of the castle accessories have their own cubby drawer, even though all of the Potato Heads are in their own cubby drawer...nothing is actually *in* the drawers.  It's all over the floor.  Every.  Single.  Day.

It doesn't help that Lucas is systematically dumping things behind us when Matt and I tackle the disaster.  We never make any ground!  A part of me thinks it wouldn't be so overwhelming if they had less toys.  Another part of me reminds me that the toys that they have, they *do* still play with.  It's not like we have baby toys collecting dust.  I get rid of toys they don't play with at least four times a year, and still they have a ton.

I told Eric that I don't even want to get them toys this year for Christmas.  I'd rather get them things like new bedspreads, new curtains, maybe some shelving to keep the DVDs out of Luke's reach, a new DVD player because theirs recently died.  They'll get plenty of toys from my parents, his mom, his dad, and his sister.  Not that they won't get anything "fun."  We've already decided to get Matt an original DS and have a game for him.  Lucas will probably get one thing from us that he'll really love.  Other than that though, do we really need to get them a million toys?  Why not go for quality over quantity this year?  Matt doesn't need any more cars or blocks.  Luke doesn't need anymore anything, because he plays with all of his brother's toys.  Until they can keep up after themselves, I'm throwing my hands up!  I refuse to add to the burden.

Eric's not completely sold on the idea, and I get it.  He wants to give the boys those magical Christmases.  I'm just so over all the excess.  Am I wrong to feel this way?