Friday, August 24, 2012

My Last Day

Today is my last day of summer. 
Today is the last day I'll spend at home with my two boys.

I work this weekend, and Matthew starts school on Monday.  Already!  I know for some of you school has been open for a week or two, but we're only just about to step into the school year.  When I was growing up school never started until after Labor Day.  Starting in August seems so early to me!

With me working only the weekends this school year is going to feel a lot different.  No big breakfasts on Sunday mornings, no rambling around the neighborhood on Saturdays.  I'll miss a lot of down time with Matthew.

I'm hoping that Matt has a good year this year.  I'm hoping that he settles into the classroom routine a little bit more quickly.  I'm hoping he listens well and pays attention.  I'm hoping he isn't a disruption to the class.  He had a tough time in kindergarten.  It was an abrupt transition for him, going from no structure in his day at all spending all of his time with Mommy, straight to a full day in the classroom.  It was too confining for him!  Plus not long after he started school I started working, and often wouldn't be home until pretty late at night.  This year I'll be able to be home with him after school every day.  I hope it provides him with a little bit more stability, and that the homework help I give him (although Eric did try, he's just not as patient as I am) will instill a little bit more confidence and a 1ove of learning in him.

I've heard on Facebook that his new teacher yells a lot.  It makes me nervous.  Also, the Assistant Principal that dealt with Matt when he was being disruptive, the guy who was so patient with him, and worked with us so closely to improve his behavior... well, he's gone.  He got promoted to be the principal of the "alternative" school.  We'll miss him.  And with budget cuts, there won't be a new assistant principal to fill his place.  Ideally Matt won't need to be going to the principal's office, but if his teacher is a yeller... she's probably not very patient.  Matt needs patience.

I'm a lot more anxious this year than I was last year.  I still have good expectations.  Matt has done well this summer with listening to us.  He's done well, but not great.  We'll just take it one day at a time and see how it goes. 

Watch out for pictures on Monday!

Matt's first day last year


  1. One of my sons was very sensitive when he was little. I too was concerned about one of his teachers early on. I wanted to get him into a different class before the school year started,I just didn't think it was a good fit. Something stopped me and I'm glad it did. There are all kinds of people in the world and the sooner he got exposure to the kind of people I would normally have sheltered him from, the sooner he learned how to adjust. So glad you'll be home in the afternoon because I do feel that a key component to his success that year was the "working through your day" we did together after school over snacks. Good luck!
    Visiting you from LouLou's blog hop. Joined your site as a follower (followed you on twitter too).

  2. Hey hun, I knew Joshua was going to have a tough time in 2nd grade (his 3rd school) so I went to the principal before school even started and explained his issues. I told him I NEEDED him to place Josh in a class with a kind, PATIENT teacher. I told him if Josh ended up with a teacher who yelled I would just pull him out and homeschool him because he needs help. They gave him the sweetest teacher on the planet... just a thought?

    1. If I have to switch teachers I will, but so far things are going well. Matt seems to have a renewed love for school and hasn't even complained (that much) about homework and reviewing sight words and such. So we'll play it by ear. His kindergarten teacher and principal know how he was last year, and I'm hoping that they wouldn't place him in a classroom where he wouldn't have the opportunity to grow. I'm lucky to be a part of a school that is very open and communicative with the parents. If a problem arises I'm pretty sure they'll help to work it out.


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