Thursday, July 19, 2012

Missing Matthew

Oh, what was I thinking when I told my mom she could keep Matt for a couple of weeks?  It just doesn't feel right at home without him.  The longest and furthest he's ever been away before is a weekend and a 20 minute drive.  Now he won't be home for another 11 days and he's 1000 miles away!  Of course I know he's in good hands and that his days are full and happy while he's with my family but I still miss him fiercely.

And my poor Lucas is lost without his big brother!  He keeps wanting to look at all the pictures of Matt, bringing out Matt's toys, "This Matty's?" and he's even been having trouble getting to sleep at night without his brother in the room.

We've talked to Matt on the phone a couple of times, and oh, his voice just sounds so small and innocent and.. excited.  Excited to tell me about all the really cool fun things he's been doing, and excited to talk to Mommy.  We just can't wait to get him home, though.  There's something missing!

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