Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sugar in the Keyboard

Yep.. I woke up on Saturday to find that Lucas had gotten hold of the bag of sugar that I stupidly left out on the kitchen counter the night before.  What did he do with it?  Dump it all over the coffee table, floor, and couch.  What was on the coffee table?  My wireless keyboard. 

We only catch WiFi if the laptop is sitting on the windowsill, so we hook it up to the TV and use wireless mouse and keyboard so that we don't have to stand at the window every time we need to type something.  Which is exactly what I'm doing right now!  Blah!

I *did* find the battery to my camera!  It was in one of the pockets of my gliding chair.  I could have sworn I'd looked there before, but hey!  I have it now, and I'm happy.  What makes me even happier is that.... I found out that Eric is getting me a new camera for my birthday in September.  :D  He won't tell me which one, but he wanted to make sure I still wanted a new one after I found the battery.  Of COURSE!  I'm still having issues with this one, the cover for the battery is broken, and I'm having the same issue as the old one where it won't save the date.  So I'm pretty happy.

Summer vacation hasn't been too exciting yet.  The weather is so wishy washy.  Sunny one minute, rain the next.  It's hard to keep them both entertained in the house.

That's all.  Nothing exciting means not much to blog about.  I have a lot of reading to catch up on, though!