Friday, November 4, 2011

Busy Busy Little Bee

I can't believe how busy I've been, and I know that I've missed a lot of great stuff online during these past few weeks.  I've really missed reading all of my favorite blogs!

Here's an update of what's been going on here:

October 18th was my first day working for Kohl's!  I was really surprised to learn I got the job.  They had over 300 applicants for about 50 positions and their were 10 people per interview, so I wasn't getting my hopes up.  I'm grateful to be working and having a lot of fun there!

We went to the Scarecrow Festival at the Easton Farmers' Market on Oct. 22nd and had a really great time!  Sorry for the sideways pictures: I'm just too lazy right now to fix them.  So at the Scarecrow festival there were a bunch of scarecrows, obviously.  They were all over the place.  Pumpkin bowling, a really LAME puppet show by a nerdy looking kid, lots of games mixed in with the usual farmers' market stuff, and.... the CORN PIT!  My kids had SO MUCH FUN in this thing!  I'd never seen anything like it before, and if you haven't either, it's basically a sand box filled with corn kernels instead of sand. 

Then I was just working working working!  And when I've been home I've been too tired to do anything buy lay on the couch!  And then of course I had work the day we had all that disgusting snow!  Bleck!  I didn't take any pictures of it.  I'm hoping to bury that memory into my subconscious.

School was cancelled on Halloween because there were still areas in Easton that didn't have power, but that was cool for me because I had to work and was originally going to miss Matthew's Halloween parade at school.  As it turned out I was able to go on Tuesday!  Halloween itself turned out to be kind of lame.  When I was growing up the little kids went trick or treating right out of school, and the older kids went after it started getting a little dark out.  Here, there are set hours and it's like from 6 to 8 is the designated time to go trick or treating.  So we went out for an hour, while EVERYONE else was also out and NOBODY was home!  Between the two of them they got less than one bucket of treats.  I mean, they don't really need it, but it's disappointing going trick or treating when you have to skip 6 houses before someone's home!  We're going to another neighborhood next year, maybe things will be different!

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  1. Love the corn pit, now that is a cool idea!

    ToT sucked here also. It's like more and more people are just not into it. Love their costumes though, so cute.

    Oh and Hooray!! for your job.


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