Saturday, October 15, 2011

Personalized stuff

A few years ago I joined a company selling candles from home.  The company ended up being less than what they promised, and I ended up not spending too much time with them.  It was my first home business venture though, and I dove right in!  I was so excited to order my very own business cards!  That's when I found out about Vistaprint.  I ordered my first 250 business cards for free, all I paid was shipping.  I still have a bunch of those laying around somewhere.  They also offer free invitations and announcements, bumper stickers, pens, and even checks and more!  I dreamed about using all the other crazy cool products they had: magnets, key chains, postcards,
stickers, rubber stamps... you name it! 

Vistaprint is more than business cards and advertising products though.  I mentioned they did invitations, some for free, but they also do calendars, stationary, photo books, mouse pads, shirts, hoodies, tote bags and more!  All personalized.  And all for VERY reasonable rates.

One of my favorite things they offer is Mommy Cards!  You can hand them out on play dates, or when you meet another cool mom at the park.  It could say something like:
Nicole Hughes
Matthew and Lucas' Mom

Or maybe:
Mrs. B's class
ABC Elementary school
In Case of Emergency Call: 
 I just think that idea is really neat!  And also, with the holidays coming up, I think I'll be visiting Vistaprint for our photo cards.  On sale right now starting at $3.99 for 10, I could order two sets and have enough for everyone I need to send one to in our family.   I know probably everyone knows about Vistaprint already, but every time I visit their website I feel like a kid in a candy store!


  1. This is great idea!..just last week I was telling my husband that we needed to put a card or note regarding us and contact number and put it in the boys pocket, after hang around at a busy mall and the two could not stay close with us..they walked way ahead or just went on another direction as they like, leaving us running here and there tried to catch them T_T with that note if they somehow get lost _ God forbid_ at least anyone can hand them back to me :)

  2. Thank you for your visit and the comment :)

    ** Responding to what u commented __I understand where your coming from but it's something i decided to do for the kids, My husband doesn't agree either.. I was horrible in school and I dropped out on my senior year and i push hard to never let it happen to my kids :)

  3. Vista print is awesome that's where we get all our needs like business cards, checks.. etc .. and funny you say mommy's card I never heard of it till the other day my husband went to do a job at this ladies house and when she said please call me if anything.. and she handed him the mommy card he called me right away to tell me how cool it was LOL .. I want to get some too but I think 250 is too much

  4. I am huge fan of vistaprint, I get all my invitations, birth announcements, christmas cards and business cards from there! They are always a hit!

  5. Hi Nicole, just stopped by to see how you were doing. Your blog is looking great!



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