Friday, April 29, 2011

How I Know It's Really Spring

Yes, I've been waiting since January and it's finally here! Spring! How do I know it's really here, and not just making a cameo appearance? Not the date on the calandar. Not the tulips, daffodils, or hyacinths. Not the azaelas or forsythias buzzing with fat bumble bees. Not the pussy willows, dogwoods, or cherry blossoms exploding into flower. Not the birds singing in the morning. Not the sound of lawn mowers or the smell of freshly cut grass. Not even the 75 degree days or the thunderstorms.

So how DO I know it's spring?
There was a HUGE black spider in my tub this morning! That was it, the final kicker. The spider in the house.
Worst shower EVER. Of course when I saw it I ran the water, hoping it would drown, or at least be carried far away enough that it wouldn't climb back up through the drain. It disappeared down that dark hole and I felt a moment of relief. I turned on the showerhead and stepped in. As I was shaving my legs I noticed the water wasn't draining properly and was beginning to back up. Of course I immediately thought of the spider, not the fact that it did the same thing yesterday and it's probably clogged with my own hair. I looked at the drain warily. I still needed to wash my hair and then I could get he heck out of there. I washed my hair as quickly as I could and was rinsing it when I felt something brush against my foot. Oh yeah, I shrieked. Almost fell trying to jump out of the way of.... oh, my razor. It fell off the ledge into the ever rising water.
After I got out the water drained. Just a little more slowly than usual. And when hubby gets home guess what he gets to do. Yep, unclog that drain.
Happy Sprng!