Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I don't think I know anyone who enjoys doing laundry. It's something I especially hate, though.
We don't have our own washer or dryer hook-ups in our apartment. It's one of the ew things about our place I complain about. I would give up my dishwasher to be able to do our laundry here. Now, there are laundry facilities on site but I still have to go outside to use them. There are three washers and three dryers. One washer and one dryer don't work. Completely out of commission. One of the dryers that is in working order, though, can't do its job. If you put in anything bigger than your socks and underwear in it you will find a pile of hot but wet clothes in it after $1.25 and 45 minutes. And unlike most laundromats, you cannot add a quarter or two for another six or eight minutes each. You get 45 minutes or nothing. So on laundry day there's no point in using both washers to try to get done faster.
I usually have one load in the washer and one in the dryer. My day is lived in 45 minute increments. I actually set a timer because if someone else wants to do their laundry and your machine has stopped, they will not hesitate to take your clothes out to put theirs in. This goes for the dryers AND the washers. You can imagine how furious I was one afternoon to find a pile of my wet clothes on a table. Ugh! I would never do that to someone else, I feel it' extremely rude. And because I don't take it upon myself to move other people's property, washing on Saturdays is out of the question. I don't know who it is but someone leaves their clothes in the dryer all day! I made that mistake enough times to do my washing during the week.
But anyway, my timer is going off and I have to go get my clothes.
I wish I had my own washer and dryer!